Pause 7
Keele 2000-06-09

Keele- After not seeing a cloud for two weeks, returning to the rain at Keele was actually quite pleasant. That smell!

Admittedly, one of the first things I did was buy a Guardian, make cheese toasties and jacket potatoes. What can I say? It is also nice to back in country that is not at war with anyone. The Israeli pull out of Lebanon is big news, far bigger than the British abandonment of Sierra Lionne, but the English papers had to of course focus on Machester United's signing of

Edinburgh- Dom was right, Edinburgh is mint, but I didn't see too much of the city, because I was happily seeing all the family that it took me so long to go up and visit.

Keele- Last full day at Keele! Weather horrible, final marks okay, now I have to just pack everything up and slip away quietly. It will be so strange to return to Canada (okay, I have only been gone five months), but I will be quite glad to return to familiar friends and settings. It has been fun memory gathering.