2004-04-30 Calgary

Stayed at Andy’s posh apartment until Lindsay came back from camping.  Had a choice to go to a couple new and old bars with Mr. Chan and learn how he was adjusting to cow town.  Lesley arrived the next day, and we explored the downtown as the city was gripped in Stanley Cup fever.  The flames beat the Red Wings and 17th Ave was filled with party-goers.


In the late afternoon, we went to Gill’s (see Keele and Europe 1999-2000) newly bought house for a BBQ.  Gill was quite merry and hosted well.  We caught up as best we could.  The evening saw Chan, Les, Jen and I go to the Embassy, a club downtown.  The low ceiling over the dance floor created a bit of claustrophobic-party-in-a-hotel-room-feeling, but of course nothing stops me from dancing.  The strangest thing was that DJ announced that Gretzky was “in the house” so to speak.  After a song or two, Lesley and I went to find him, but he wasn’t there.  All the Calgarian attention probably scared him off.


Hung out with Lins for the rest of the week.  A very relaxed week and exactly the cure for a first-year of law school. Wandered around the city and Lindsay’s friends.  They also had the chance to meet Ed Olson!  I hadn’t seen him for a long while, and barely since we both moved out of Gage in 1999. 


Lindsay’s parents took us to Drumhellar.  I was there many years ago, but didn’t recognise it.  I did however recall a whole bunch of dinosaur facts that were probably stored in my brain since I was six.


2004-05-07 Toronto


Flew into New Terminal 1 in Toronto.  It is big, very very big.  It looks like any other airport.  There isn’t really anything new or remarkable about it, but considering how run down Terminal 1 is and that Terminal 2 isn’t much better it, it is a nice change.


Went golfing with my granddad for the first time this year.  It was the first time of the summer for my Grandfather, and we were both a bit rusty.  I was rustier…I lost, but it is still a lot fun to go golfing.  Even if I do lose to an Octogenarian.


2004-06-11 Vancouver


Returned to Vancouver to spend a week hanging out with Lins before Volkmar comes.  It was a little strange not to be returning to Quebec St. but it was a fun and relaxing time with Lindsay.  The end of the week saw the arrival of Volkmar and then Ian which only added to the ‘reunion’ on this short visit to B.C.


2004-06-20 Duncan


Stayed with my ‘Auntie’ Dee and ‘Uncle’ George in Duncan for a couple nights.  We’ve all been living in B.C. for so long, but this was the first time that we actually met up in the province.  As a consequence, the “classic road trip” start of tenting and Coleman Stove food was postponed and we had delicious home cooked meals, comfortable quarters and access to World Cup Soccer on the T.V.  And with the added bonus of Uncle George’s great Northern Ontario stories of Polar Bears, Wolves and Mosquitoes.