Gibraltar June 28


Took the bus to La Linea and then walked to Gibraltar.  It is hard to miss because of the massive rock.  Getting into the centre of town involves walking across the runway, which is treated as a level crossing.  My first stop was a Bank of Scotland bank machine, where I got strange Gibraltarian pounds (the proper adjective eludes me).  I then went to the post office to get stamps, since this place was well worth the postcards.  Walked through the high street.  Yes, very British.  Not even worth trying to describe.  The newsagent said that the Guardian would be flown in at 2pm, so I was destined to return.  Went to the large supermarket, which featured a few Tesco products and bought cheese.  Then began the long ascent up the path to the Park bit with the Macques and such.  It was hot.  Very hot…picture taking, sweating, European Monkeys…  Returned to the town and found a chippy run by one of the more Genoan descendents.  Took my chips and added my cheese to it, hurrah!  Then picked up my Guardian and found a quiet pub.  No good bitters so it as a glass of that and a couple Guinness to chase.  I won’t say how much that cost, and will just say how great it was to be in a dark naval festooned pub with my papers and Geordie barmaid away from the Mediterranean sun.



Torremolinos 2002-06-29


Torremolinos is awful… truly awful, but I am glad to have seen a little bit of the Spanish package tour area.  I spent the whole day on the beach with my massive bag and copy of Ulysees.  Was a nice brown at the end of it all. Had overpriced Paella and Beer in town and chatted with a nice ederly Yorkshire couple (what do they do there for two weeks if they cannot complain about the weather?)  Took the M-train to Malaga airport and camped out there for my early morning flight.



2002-06-30                  Stuttgart


Landed at Stuttgart airport just as the World Cup final (Germany vs. Brazil) began.  Abandoned all hope of making it to Fehn’s to watch the game, so I joined the crowd at the airport.  Germany was outplayed in the first half, but weren’t out of it.  And then it all fell apart in the second half.  The S-Bahn was filled with supporters who had watched the game at Schlossplatz.  I had never seen such German patriotism in person before.


Berlin  2002-7-2


Flew up to Berlin to visit Maggie and see how she was doing on Exchange.  She had a grand apartment in the East with an excellent view to downtown.  Not far from the U-Bahn and right by a Lidl!  I checked out the sights old and new, played soccer with her Canadian friends and went out for a drink or two.  Seems like a great way to get a University credit!