Vancouver 2001-12-12


Ah, the return to Vancouver! The first since I graduated in May. It was quite strange not being a student, especially for the time that I was at UBC, where I had to accept that I was just a visitor. Since I was kindly hosted by Janís family in North Vancouver, I saw much of the unfamiliar North Shore on this trip, which made me feel a bit more removed from the city that I know.


As much as I saw many sights in the city I have grown to love, it was the people that really made the trip. Jan, of course, was why I went in the first place, and then the evening with the Seven Russian Anarchists (a math challenged Rita, Lesley, Meg, Jan and myself) was really really memorable. Days like that donít happen often enough.


Toronto 2001-12-21


Home for Christmas, as usual. A tradition that I will find the hardest to break, should it ever come to that. It was a grey (re: snowless) Christmas, which was a bit of a disappointment, but since most of the holidays were spent inside celebrating with friends and family, it didnít matter too much.


Managed to see the pantomime that Margaret always works for twice, once on boxing day, as usual, and then the closing show, which was by far the best. Looks like a dream job.


It didnít look as if it would be organised in time, but Jan managed to pop by for a quick visit, which I was very pleased about. We thankfully found more than enough to do fill our time together, not always the easiest task for a tourist in the city at winter.