Freiburg 2001-12-01


Drove at a ridiculous speed down to Frieburg for a party at Cloed’s. Yet another stop at an apartment that is cooler than mine, but I am accepting of this. Alas, my early bedtime early rising schedule didn’t help much because I was absolutely exhausted at 1am. That’s a great threat to my ability to party. But from what I saw of Freiburg, when my eyelids were open, it is a lovely city.


Stratford 2001-12-07


Back in Britain! Up to Sheena’s to visit the cousins and to indulge in a little nostalgia as well. Amazing what a trip to the supermarket makes you feel. I guess that was one of the regular events that doesn't change in appearance nor does someone need friends or a foundation to be there. It is the closest to tasting daily life that a one-day tourist can have. I wonder if I will enjoy returning to Lidl in a year’s time as much.


London 2001-12-10


The joy of returning to London was not so apparent. I had thought that a chance to see the capital in its Christmas form and to give a cursory glance at a few landmarks would be a welcome return. However the frustration of the transit system, the high cost of everything and the sense of transience made me give up my wander through the city an hour earlier. How different it would have been to re-explore with someone.


I ventured up to Heathrow with my very heavy bag (all Christmas presents) and was prepared for the worst at the airport I love to hate. Everything ran smoothly however, minus the usual delay on the ground. A Gulf Air flight from Dubai was code-sharing with this flight, and people with Arabic sounding names were called back to the flight attendants’ at a disproportionate frequency. I hope nobody felt that this made the flight more unnerving than most.