Pause 2
Rome 2000-04-19

Paris: I went and saw the catacombs. There are 7 million Parisians living in similar sized and looking houses above the ground, and then anopther seven million Parisians' bones stacked neatly in identically sized and styled piles below the ground. Paris seems like a great place to live, but I am having doubts about being burried there.

Monaco: How rich are the people that live here? I haven't a clue, since it seemed deserted except for the tourists. The few people I did see walking around were so occupied with their cell phones that they must never be lonely. I met a very nice American girl in the Monte Carlo hostel, who has decided that she wants to live a rich and monotonous life after having bummed around Europe for three years upon finishing her degree. I assumed that most Americans made that decision without such experiences.

Lyon- Lyon is not worth a visit.

Dijon- Took the most uncomfortable night train to Milan. I lay there in the dirty crowded couchette compartment thinking; this is how a cow feels.

Vicenza- Met Gill at what would have been a very great hostel-had it had a kitchen. Didn't see much of this city because we really used as a commuter point to Venice. Venice was far more interessting, but it is one of the places in the world that is a sight in itself, with very few individual attractions. As a result everyone lined up for the Duomo.

Florence- Florence is 50% Americans. It is upsetting how many Americans are in Florence, because I wonder why I haven't seen them in the rest of Italy, or on the trains or wherever. Just in Florence.

Rome- Is very very cool.