Stuttgart, 2001-08-07


Was met by Tante Hannelore and Onkel Ottmar at Stuttgart airport. Volkmar and Manu were at Waldheim with the kids, but I waited until Tuesday to make my appearance. We had Group 4, the youngest of the oldest effectively, and a cheeky bunch they were. But it was fun and they seemed to get into the idea of doing something while retaining their cool.


It was the Onkels vs. Boys Fussball game in the first Freizeit that was the big shocker. After full time the score was tied 4-4. The kids had almost beaten the O’s, an incredible first. Their captain was given the option of sudden death extra time, risk a loss in pursuit of the unimaginable glory in victory, or walk a way with a hitherto unheard of tie…the kids chose to play on. The O’s won 5-4.


The second Freizeit had a different flavour, because I did Group 15 with Claudia. I have never had such small kids, all aged seven. Worse yet, we had three girls and thirteen boys! And amongst the boys there were three bullies, one kid who was terrified of absolutely everything and one "momma’s boy". Aside from the difficulties that arose, the session went quite well, and it was a fun challenge to entertain those with such a short attention span. But I think I will try and lead older kids next time…


Oh and in the Onkels vs. Boys Fussball game… O’s 23 – boys 2


Heidelberg, 2001-09-04


After Waldheim, the excitement was moving into my own place in Vaihingen, officially moving to Germany and welcoming my first visitor, Jan, shortly after that. Our first trip in Germany together was to Heidelberg. Every North American likes Heidelberg! Well okay, it was raining for most of the day, but the castle was fun, the Philosopher’s Walk pretty, and the Indian restaurant! Mmmmmm, balti!


Stuttgart, 2001-09-05


Well, Tante Hannelore wouldn’t let me not celebrate my birthday. I really haven’t been one to remark on the occasion, or at least not that one. However, in Germany, one generally hosts one’s own Birthday party and Tante Hannelore, seeing that I wasn’t going to do that offered to prepare a meal for family and friends. Jan and I arrived a half hour late, bringing with us a pizza that wasn’t needed (nor edible), and it was all very nice with plenty of Kartoffelsalat. Volkmar was there and Bubi popped round a bit later. Afterwards Volkmar, Jan and I headed up to Solitude around midnight to welcome in Jan’s birthday (another German tradition).

Munich, 2001-09-08



I accidentally set the alarm an hour later than we wanted, so we were in a bit of a rush to get to the train station. Still we managed to get to Munich in a little less than the time lost sleeping (if one can say that) and then headed out to Dachau. There was a light rain, which was appropriate, but less appreciated when we returned to the city to walk around the Englischegarten and Stadtmitte. By coincidence, we managed to catch the city hall’s clock’s show…really I don’t know what you call it.