Vancouver- 2001-04-13

Went to the U2 concert with Jan (who has a remarkable penchant for getting tickets to things). Those of you who remember my high-school era distaste for the band might be surprised that I went to a U2 concert, however they must have known I was coming, because they played all my favourite songs from Achtung Baby and before, and didnít bother with the crap. The (floor) seats we had were also ridiculously good, because we were only four meters from the tip of the stage, where Bono et al would run about. The concert experience is improved when you can see the lead singer sweat!


Defended my thesis. A process that was much more stressful and difficult than I imagined, however I got through it and did quite well after all was said and done. In relative terms, it was a big part of my university career, but honestly that appreciation hasnít set in yet.


The transit strike required Jan, Silke and I to bicycle down to the 10km SunRun. I submit the excuse that I was fatigued for my slow time. My stupid action of the day was trying to run the red light at Burrard and Beach, however a close second was eating way too much of the free food at the wrap party. I need some practice in the bike-run-eat triathalon.


Had a big cook-a-lot-of-food-for-everyone do at my place. This was a year end, graduating type event that also doubles as a chance to clean out my cupboards of food. There were plenty of leftovers as well as delicious dishes brought by friends, so it worked out well. I wish that I could have held it after I had gone through the always traumatic experience of packing up my room.