Volkmar, Andi, and Harald all came to Vancouver for reading week. Their visit included my first trip to Whistler. Many people like to think that UBC students spend half their time at Whistler, so now it is nice to know that I have been at least once. The fact that the area is ridiculously expensive, for skiing and everything else, doesnít seem to dissuade too many students, however they all seem to be working there as well and living seven to an overpriced condo. The remainder of the population seem to be ridiculously wealthy and of the mindset that purchasing a giant SUV, fancy skis, and a big dog (all to be shown off while wearing really tight ski-tights) is the only dignified way to express ones financial status.

Volkmar and I came back after a four day weekend at the AMS lodge. I unfortunately couldnít take too much time off for reading week, since I had to work on my thesis, however Volkmar intended to re-immerse himself in the Vancouver existence on his own.


Vancouver- 2001-03-24

The Fairview council, which I am a proud member of, threw its Spring Bash this evening. It was a student priced affair at $5, with the FCRA footing most of the bill. Most people came and ate from the buffet and hung around for a bit of the dancing. Considering the event was all but dead at 11pm, people were really quite pleased. It was also bonus to have most of my honours economics class their, as they, for some unknown reason, felt really inclined to attend this Fairview event. The unfortunate coincidence was the conflict with Janís Psychology Grad Evening on the same night, which prevented me from fulfilling my boyfriend duties and attending.


The day of my thesis being handed in. Joy of joy, it is all but over, with only the defense to be done in a few weeks. Life was very very busy right up until this paperís submission, especially since I had to hand in another paper in order to be free to go to Portugal the next day. The things one has to do as a student.