Galiano Island 2005-02-18


Another weekend away, another cabin on the gulf island. This time ‘cabin’ may not have been the right word, as the place was huge!  However, we had the same crowd as last year and the same spectacular weather, so we certainly have the perfect annual event on our hands. 


We may still aspire to go further afield in future years, but we did an excellent job of collecting people this year.  Lesley came in from Edmonton, Lindsay H from Calgary and Rob ferried and biked his way up from Victoria.  Multiple bus rides and a ferry ride and we were all there.


The only downside consisted of two problems: (1) the water pump broke on the Saturday and we were in short supply for the day, and we were a long walk from the beach; (2) we were actually quite close to the coast, but down a steep wooded cliff, so the meandering road down required one and a half hours.  The beach was beautiful and well worth the trip, but the walk back did seem to take that little bit longer.  The fact that we tried to sing the whole way made it very reminiscent of “Heimatfilme”  John tried to start us on the entire sound track of the “Sound of Music” with varying success.


Everything else was great, a super kitchen helped the grand meals.  Cranium, trivial pursuit and a disco dance party of course.  Even a game of Star Trek Murder Mystery that is memorable for its absolute awfulness.  It was hard to leave, but some farewell Neil Young and Joan Baez tunes on the stereo added to the sense of journey, with another unforgettable stop.


Vancouver 2005-02-20


The Palm Trees went down in the first round of the playoffs, but we put up a good fight.  Mike couldn’t make the game, so I had to start in goal for the first time this season.  Went surprisingly well, believe it or not, but we blew a late lead and then desperation made the score look worse than it was.


Toronto 2005-04-17


Home for a week, and a fun and rushed week it was.  Well, actually got off to a slow start, but I did see Jola, Peter, Tanya, Robyn, Josh, Jennifer and, yes, newborn Matthew Charles!  Also managed a game of bridge with the neighbours and the usual exploration of the city. Plus it was nice to be in the house with Mom and Dad.  I’ll have to wait until next week to see Margaret.


Williamsford 2005-04-22


Up to the farm of course. Have to make the most of my short week in Ontario.  A nice and quiet time, but cold.  It snowed the day we left.  But as we approached Pearson, the snow faded away to the cool rain of the concrete city.