Although I would normally try and go to Europe, my exam schedule and budget was more conducive to a longer time spent in TO that included a long weekend in Montreal.  Everything was set, Alex offered a place to stay and Julie was going to be there as well.  Unlike the south of Ontario, Montreal had plenty of snow, and even some protesting city snow shovellers. It was my first trip back to la Belle Provence since the Chicoutimi month (not counting landings at Trudeau airport…)


The Santa Claus at La Baie downtown spoke French, but I was waiting for him to get an English kid…and my patience didn’t last that long.


A grand weekend, saw Sarah Bryce (see Peru entry)  as well as a whole bunch of familiar faces from Vancouver.  Julie seemed to know half the city.  We went to a big gay night club, which was big, but quite empty on a Saturday night.  Having the dancefloor to ourselves is no deterrent for me, but it did seem as if we were missing out on something.


Along with the grand tours of the city in the Wintery snow, we also had a fabulous brunch in a fabulous apartment of McGill law students (ah…the other half).  And as quickly as it started, the days were over…and I was on the train back to Toronto.  At least I managed to squeeze some time on the rails into my intra-national adventure.




Home for Christmas, which is always good. Went up to the farm with my Dad to get the tree (of course!) The snow was perfect, but my boots weren’t. At least twice I lost all feeling in my feet only to have them sear with pain as they defrosted.  Slim pickings for trees this year, as ours was a bit on the short side, but it was self picked!  The Burlington crowed came for the holidays and the Sithole’s joined us for boxing day, which was quite nice too.  The pantomime was one of the best ever, even if Margaret had to baby-sit Bret Hart. Got to see Jola and Peter in their new digs and host Julie on her return leg as well.  Quite the filled holiday season.


New Years was bridge in Burlington and then the big brunch next door.  After a joyous and decadent holiday, I flew out New Years Day evening to resume the every day Vancouver life (which is still pretty good!)


Vancouver 2005-01-01


Returned to Vancouver just in time for the initial book club meeting.  Lesley was in town as well, so we had a good initial turnout.  Plus a bottle of Champagne to celebrate my Masters.  Onwards to law